1.       All “DRIVERS” of every division are required at every drivers meeting. Drivers meetings are mandatory.

2.       Fighting anywhere on the premises is an automatic 60 day suspension. Drivers are responsible for crew members and family members actions.

3.       If you go into anotherdrivers pit area to argue, use profanity, fight etc. You will be DQ’ed for the night losing all points and money for the night.“stay in your pit area”.

4.       No participant shall engage in improper behavior on or off the track, in or out of the race car, nor shall he or she subject any official, track official, track employee, sponsor, or participant to any abusive or improper language at any time. Any driver who gets out of his/her race car, or any participant who verbally assaults or threaten any official, track official track employee, sponsor or another participant may be suspended for up to two weeks from the date of infraction, may be fined  and may lose all points and money. Penalties are at the discretion of the track officials and based on the severity of the violation.

5.       Consumption of beer or alcoholic beverages in the pit area, or being under the influence of beer or alcoholic beverages in the pit area, is prohibited until the entire program for all divisions is completed. If aparticipant is caught consuming alcoholic beverages in the pit area, or is deemed to be under the influence of alcoholic beverages in the pit area,before the entire program for all divisions is completed, he/she shall be immediately ejected from the race track premises and shall be subject to a fine and a 90-day suspension.

6.        Illegal Drugs Definition Illegal drugs are those substances or drug substances defined and prohibited by state and/or federal laws. General Prohibition Possession or use of illegal drugs or drug substances, as defined above, is prohibited in any form, by any participant at Arizona speedway, either on the race track grounds or in any area considered to be used in the operation of the race track, such as parking lots or leased properties.

7.       On the initial start of a race you must stay nose to tail and cannot pass until the track is green . If you pull out of line it will be considered Texas starting.  After one initial lap has been completed,our Restart Line-Up is as follows. Arizona speedway will use double file restarts, Delaware style with the leader in front, alone in row one. Second place driver will get choice of inside or outside starting location. ( Basically do the opposite of the driver in front of you ) Promoter/ Flagman may use discretion and revert to single file restarts if track conditions exist that warrant a single file restart in the spirit of good and fair competition. With 5 laps or less remain in the event it will be single file restart only. Any abuse of discretionary actions by the track officials in deviating from the double file restarts may result in a fine, probation, suspension or any combination thereof. The intent of this rule is to provide consistent and unified procedures for the competitors Exception: Individual organizations may have their own starting procedures. Once the track is green you are allowed to pass on all starts.

8.       A race may be stopped at the discretion of the starter or officials at any time they consider it dangerous or unsafe to continue. If a car loses front bumper or back bumper or fuel cell guard, the car must go to the pits for the remainder of said race.

9.       Any retaliation by any driver after the checker or during a yellow flag in the heat or the main is an automatic disqualification for that night of racing and all points and money will be forfeited.

10.   In the heat races we have a 1 spin or yellow rule if you cause a yellow or are involved in a yellow you’re done for your heat race.  Involved means: You caused the yellow, stopped on the racetrack because you were involved in a wreck. (Theobject behind this is to keep the show moving along.) If you stop on the race track to avoid a wreck and there is no contact made, you will get your spot back. 

11.   In the Main events we have a 2 spin or 2 yellow rule.  That means if you cause or are involved in 2 yellows in a main event you will be black flagged for the night. Involved means: You caused the yellow, stopped on the racetrack because you were involved in a wreck.If you stop on the track to avoid a wreck and there is NO contact made, you will get your spot back . If you intentionally draw a yellow flag you are finished for that race.

12.   Any car smoking excessively or being lapped consistently by the field may be black-flagged at the flagman's discretion.

13.   Racecieversare mandatory in all classes for 2012.  If you do not listento  a call on the Raceciever to put you in your position  we will try a 2nd time to get you to reply if you still don’t comply  you will stopped being scored  and possibly beblack flagged .   No battery , low battery, volume wasn’t up enough, etc.  are no excuse for a non workingRaceciever. It is you’re responsibility to maintain a working Raceciever.

14.   Cooperation of Driver In connection with any type of inspection, the driver must cooperate with  track officials, to enable track officials to conduct or complete an inspection, including removing or disassembling various parts or components.

15.    VIOLATION OF SPIRIT AND INTENT OF RULES &UNSPORTSMANLIKE CONDUCT: Any participant who defies or violates the intent or spirit of the  rules shall be considered to have engaged in unsportsmanlike conduct and shall be dealt with by  track officials depending upon the nature of the infraction. Unsportsmanlike conduct/fighting will result in a 30 to 90 day suspension & possibly a fine, loss of all points& one year probation. Second violation while still on probation shall result in another fine (if applicable)of up to $500.00 and an additional one year suspension.

16.   Protests must be in writing and filed with promoter within a reasonable time, at discretion of officials, after feature race is completed, and must be specific in alleged violation to determine whether protest is allowed or rejected. No protest of any type will be allowed after prize money has been paid. One item per protest – per event – only. Drivers may not protest more than one car per event, and may not protest same driver more than once per calendar year.

17.   Rough driving: spinning another car, using you front bumper to pass another car, will not be tolerated and you will be black flagged or docked positions during the next caution or at the end of the race!During a race,If the officials decide that you intentionally spin another driver out, you will go to the back and the car you spun out will get his spot back.

18.   Texas starting is not allowed. Texas starting is considered as pulling out of line and gaining positions before the race has officially started. For each car you pass before the cone or before the green flag comes out, you will be docked 2 positions, if you continue to Texas start you will be black flagged for that event.

19.   HOT PITS:Can only be used during a main event, work can only be done in the “HOT PITS”. If you go back to your main pit you are finished for that race and cannot re-enter the race track.

20.   Race others as you want to be raced!        AND HAVE FUN!!!



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