The Powder Puff / Dirt Dolls races are open to all female racers. The running rules for the race will be as followed. This division will be open to women driving Bombers, Pure or Factory Stocks and Super Stocks. The Bomber class will be ran as seperate division and the Factory / Pure Stocks and Superstocks will be ran as one whole division.  The race will be ran as two seperate divisions in two seperate races as long as there are 6 or more women in each division. If there are less than 6 women drivers in EITHER division (Bombers or Pures/Supers) the classes will be ran at the same time and scored as seperate classes.  In this case the Factory / Supers will start in the front rows and the Bombers will start in the back rows. There will be trophies given for the top 3 in both classes. You may drive in both regular division and P.P. / D.D. division in the same night for no additional charge.  The intent of this race is to have fun and introduce more females into the racing world. Have fun Ladies.