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2012 Bomber Rules

The purpose of this class is to establish a low cost, entry-level form of dirt track racing. The main object is to have a class of cars that is fun and cars that is inexpensive.


Tech inspector’s interpretation of these rules is final!

CAR RULES: All cars must be American-made passenger sedan, hardtops or station wagons, produced within the model years of 1964 through 1987. Cars must remain stock and completely intact with no cutting, gutting, stripping, reinforcing, or modifying, except as specifically outlined in these rules. Camaros, Firebirds, El Caminos, Rancheros, and Mustangs are NOT allowed.

ALL CARS MUST HAVE: All cars MUST have a minimum of a 4 point roll cage with a roll bar and three driver’s side door bar minimum. Tubing size of 1 1⁄2 by .120 wall thickness. The Cage and welds must meet Arizona speedway tech inspector’s safety standards. Gutting of drivers door is allowed for multiple door bars (3 MINIUM). NO other gutting allowed. NO black pipe. Bars must be mild steel or chrome molly. They must be bent, No 45 degree angle cuts in roll bar. No drilling or cutting of bar. No gutting, reinforcing or modifying except to mount roll cage to frame. Anything that is flammable or could possibly melt smolder etc., on the interior of the car may be removed, dashes are optional. Metal is not one of those items.

Fuel cells are mandatory, (As of march 15th 2012) and must be “COMPLETELY” sealed off from driver’s compartment with 22 gauge sheet metal. The fuel cell must be centered on trunk floor and must be strapped with 1 inch wide x 1/8 inch thick flat stock. Must have 2 straps going up and down and one side to side. Flat fender washers are to be used to mount fuel cell to the bottom of trunk floor. 22 gallon fuel cell maximum. Must have a ground strap from filler neck to a chassis ground. Trunk floor must have 2 holes for fire extinguisher access, The holes must be at least 5 inches wide. All stainless, plastic, glass, diecast trim parts, lights, and moldings must be removed from the outside of the car. Door panels must be removed. Driver's door must be chained or welded shut. Rear seat must be removed and resulting holes must be replaced by sheet metal (22gauge maximum thickness).

An aluminum racing seat is mandatory. Must use a 5 point harness seat belt (No more than 5 years old) and must be mounted in a secure way. (Subject to approval of Arizona Raceway officials). Numbers (16” minimum) clearly painted on both sides and on the roof facing the right-hand side of the car. Bumper straps 2" flat stock x 1/8 thick, (no thicker than 1/8 strap may be used) and must be fastened from the ends of the front and rear bumpers to the frame or rear quarter panels. (All Sharp edges must be removed.) Drive shaft must be painted white. A 1inch x 1/8 inch thick driveshaft loop mounted towards the front of the driveshaft is mandatory. Batteries must be securely mounted.


ALL CARS CANNOT HAVE: Exposed glass. All glass MUST be removed (windshields, door glass, rear window, head lights, and tail lights.) Mirrors of any kind are not allowed. Fuel injection or turbo chargers not allowed. No modifications or reinforcements of any type. Exception: severe frame damage may be reinforced accordingly. No cattle guard’s on front or rear bumpers. Recapped tires, tires without tire size numbers on them, tires with other than regular highway tread, or re-grooved or siped tires are not allowed. No added weight/ ballast at all.

Windshield screen and a 1” inch vertical driver protection bar placed in the middle of the windshield area are mandatory. A radiator mud screen is recommended. Exhaust system may be removed starting at the trans-cross member and back. Exhaust must be a stock “Y” pipe or 2 single ”dual” pipes. No “X” or “h” pipes allowed . No aftermarket 2 into 1 exhaust. No RAm Horn exhaust manifolds on Chevrolets , Headliners and carpet must be removed. Front inner fender wells may be removed. Mister systems are allowed. Maximum 5 gallon plastic tank mounted securely to the floor behind the driver’s seat and as close to the driver’s seat as possible.

TIRE AND WHEELS: Maximum tire size is 235-70R-15". This means no number larger than 235 in the first set of numerals, no number smaller than 70 in the second set of numerals. No LT or snow tires. “P” rated passenger tires only. All four (4) rims must be the same diameter, no offset or reversed rims, steel wheels are permitted, 7" maximum width. Aluminum wheels are not allowed. Recommend 1” lug nuts. Wheel spacers are not allowed.

TRANSMISSION AND REAR END: Transmission must be automatic and be stock with no modifications and mounted with stock cross member. Rear end must be stock and mounted in stock location with the wheel base matching from side to side, 3⁄4 inch tolerance, must have stock trailing arms for make and model being used. An open, locked, or posi-traction rear end will be allowed.

ENGINE: Must be STOCK with stock engine mounts and be in stock location. No solid motor mounts. Must have stock unaltered carburetor and stock unaltered air filter housing. Aftermarket valve covers are ok. Distributor must be stock with stock components. Stock steel engine pulleys are required. Aftermarket aluminum radiators are allowed. No roller rockers or roller cam allowed. No machining grinding or blue printing of valve head and must have stock valve springs. No pop up / dome pistons allowed. Camshaft must pass a vacuum gage test and measure no less the 16 Inches Hg (vacuum) at 1200 rpm maximum. Drivers are responsible for having a 3/16 port in the intake manifold to hook up a vacuum gauge. Chevrolet engines up to 360 cubic inches maximum are allowed but must run an unaltered Rochester 2 barrel carburetor (1 1/16 throttle bore maximum) with a stock unaltered 2 barrel intake only. Aftermarket spacer plates are NOT allowed between carburetor and intake. Stock stroke crankshafts only. No strokers of any kind. All motors must use OEM internal parts. No light weight or knife edge crankshafts, connecting rods must be OEM I-Beam style only.

SUSPENSION: Must remain stock. No spring spacers or spring rubbers allowed. No weight jacks. Must have all 4 brakes in working order. No line blocking or fluid limiting. No racing springs, no Bilstein / QA1 or other racing shocks allowed.

ALL DRIVERS MUST: Have a Snell approved 2000, 2005, or 2010 full face helmet. Helmet Certification tag or tags must be on helmet and visible. A full fire suit, neck brace, and racing gloves are mandatory. A driver side window net is mandatory and must be in good condition.

Winner of previous main event must start last in his or her next main event.

Understand the track running rules and flags. Understand that the race may be stopped at any time and have the field turn around and go clock wise. Know that purposely hitting another car in the driver's door will possibly result in being suspended from this class.

ENGINE PROTEST: Any Bomber driver may protest an engine by posting a $125.00 protest fee to an Arizona Speedway official. Protested engines will be required to have one valve cover, one exhaust manifold, one spark plug, and intake manifold removed to verify rule compliance.

If engine is legal the protested driver will get $100.00 and the track $25.00.

If the engine is not legal or the protest is denied: $100.00 goes back to protester and 25.00 to track or point fund.

If found illegal or protest is denied:

1st time offense: $100 fine and or no points for the race.

2nd time offense: $200 fine and or no points for season.

3rd time offense: Driver suspended for the year and forfeits all points and point fund moneys for the season.

CLAIMING/SWAPPING: Only a car that finished in the main event can be claimed for $1000.00 cash and the claiming driver must swap cars. Cars will be relinquished as raced except for the battery, safety harness, racing seat, steering wheel, and fuel cell. If the car is claimed and the claim is denied, that driver will be DQ’ed for that race, suspended, and fined.

1st time: $300 fine and no points for the race. And a suspension of one week.
2nd time: $500 fine and no points for remainder of the season. And a suspension of two weeks 3rd time: Driver suspended for the year and forfeits all points and point fund moneys.

WHO CAN CLAIM/SWAP: A bomber driver who raced in the same main may be the ONLY person that can claim/swap and it must be done by stopping on the track after the race and notifying a track official of the claim/swap. Must have the $1000.00 cash at that time. If more than one claim on the same car in the same night happens then the highest finishing driver claim takes precedent.

All claim/swaps are final.
Racecievers are mandatory for the 2012 season.